About The Shed

So, what do we do at the Veterans Shed? What is it all about?

A shed – you think it’s a place to hide of store things in. It’s not true in our case – it is a place for Veterans and like-minded people to have a chat and put the world to rights. We want your input!

We have a constitution that states we will help Military Veterans with daily chores and with their general well-being. We also help our local communities.

We meet most weekdays at our workshop at Crest Co-Operative on Douglas Road, Colwyn Bay. It’s a great place to meet and make friends! You say what you want to help with, carry out volunteer work at your own pace; there is NO pressure to attend our meetings.

Veterans Shed was founded in 2016 with James Caveney, John Johnson and Martin Margerison, after a disappointing period with an ex-serviceman’s organisation & seeing very few veterans attending. Our success is projected on our website as we go along.